Being on top of your vehicle servicing is easier than you might think

Taking care of your car inside out will keep it safe, roadworthy, fuel efficient and less polluting. It'll also protect your investment's value for years to come.


Service Plans & Schedules

We offer our customers the best value for money for regular service maintenance checkup. 

How often do you need to service your car? Please do so every 10,000km to get the best out of your Mazda. 

Contact our Mazda service center for more information.


Owner Maintenance

Your Mazda needs regular care for you to enjoy the best of it.

Sky-activ is best serviced by qualified technicians in our authorized workshop center.

So why risk second-rate service, hidden prices or poor workmanship when we guarantee a consistent set of values? 


Mazda GenuineParts

As the only authorized service provider in Myanmar, only we can supply you with "Mazda Genuine Parts" designed solely for your vehicle and fitted by our specially trained Mazda technicians.