SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY is a blanket term for Mazda's innovative new-generation technologies developed under the company's long-term

vision for technology development, Sustainable Zoom-Zoom. The name SKYACTIV reflects Mazda's aim to provide high levels of driving

pleasure and outstanding environmental and safety performance in its vehicles.



Mazda's highly efficient new-generation direct injection gaso-line engine achieves the worlds's highest compression ratio (14.0:1) and delivers 15 percent better fuel economy and 15 percent more torque in the low to mid-range.


  • The world's first mass-produced gasoline engine to achieve a compression ratio of 14.0:1.
  • Vastly improved engine efficiency resulting from high-pressure combustion, delivers a 15% improvement in both fuel economy and torque.
  • More torque in the low- to mid-range where it is most useful in practical driving situations.





Highly efficient new-generation 6-speed automatic transmission has the direct feel of manual and contributes to better fuel economy.


  • Combines the advantages of all types of transmissions including conventional automatic, dual clutch, and continuously variable transmissions (CVT) in a single package.
  • Maximized lock-up range for better fuel economy and direct feel just like a manual transmission.
  • powerful take-off and smooth shifting for your driving pleasure.





Highly-efficient new-generation, lightweight chassis aims to provide a sense of unity between car and driver and a ride feel that gives peace of mind


  • have been thoroughly reviewed to achieve high levels of both enjoyable driving and ride comfort.
  • ratio in the power steering improve agility and drivability in the low- to mid-speed range and stability at high speed.
  • Optimized mounting locations and finely tuned suspension produce exhilarating drivability and a high-quality ride feel while reducing weight.





New-generation lightweight and high-rigidity body delivers driving pleasure and outstanding collision safety performance through technological improvements and innovative thinking.


  • High rigidity and lightweight thanks to the concepts of 'straightening' basic structures as much as possible and 'continuous framework' in which each section functions in a coordinated manner with the other sections in the framework.
  • Exhibits the highest levels of crash-worthiness thanks to the multi-load path structure that absorbs the impact of a crash by dispersing it in multiple directions.